V&A Village Fete 2009


You have to laugh don’t you? Welcome to the boardroom of the Investment Bank of Garudio Studiage. Like many financial institutions we don’t understand numbers, but we do love words. Take a seat opposite your colleague for the most miserable spelling challenge of your career.


Our glamourous manager will spin the wheel of misfortune to reveal the economic buzzword you have to spell ..... Plastic letters at the ready, but how quick can you write “clawback’? How speedy can you spell “sub-prime”?


It’s a race against time, with only one winner, will you be taking home a Garudio Studiage paycheque, or wearing your P45 on your sleeve.....?


Everyone who takes part will win a prize, a hand screen printed Garudio Studiage paycheque which entitles the winner to discount at our online shop, a P45 form both designed especially for the fete, or even a Fat Cat Bonus!


Shown at

The V&A Museum, Cromwell Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RL