Top of the Pop-Ups


Shown in the L Gallery at Wieden+Kennedy, Top of the Pop-Ups is a series of pop-up artworks made from the sleeves of carefully chosen 1980s singles. Through a process of cutting, folding and carefully placing the records together, the images come to life and and the cover stars become characters in surreal and comical narratives of high drama, jealousy and scandal.


After all, where else would you find Madonna lusting after for Paul Young and Bucks Fizz running away from the towering tyrant of Doctor and the Medics?


Only in the 80s and only at Garudio Studiage!


The pieces are all playfully titled using names of the records, and a series of carefully composed photographs perfectly frame these miniature moments.


The exhibit opens on Friday 8th September 2011 and will be on show for approximately four weeks.


The L gallery is London's second smallest gallery and is located in the entrance of Wieden+Kennedy's London office near Brick Lane.



Wieden + Kennedy

16 Hanbury St


E1 6QR


From 8th to 7th September 2011