The Six-Legged Bear print


This piece was for an exhibition in Aarhus, Denmark, organised by A Secret Club, called Expedition No. 2: To The North! Each artist was given a different part of the 'story' to illustrate. Mine was all about the Six-Legged Bear...


'The Six-Legged Bear is cross between a real fear and a superstition. It is said to come up from the south and while it isn't aggressive, it's very destructive due to its size, strength and clumsiness - it is said that if a The Six-Legged Bear walks through your camp, not a single thing will remain whole, everything will be broken.'


My piece was influenced by antique maps, including star constellation maps (as it is a 'myth'), particularly as I had recently visited an exhibition on antique world maps at the American Museum in Britain (in Bath), which had had some particularly fine examples.


Open edition


Archival digital print on Somerset velvet radiant white 225gsm paper


Size - 40 x 50 cms