Peckham Peace Wall


This summer of 2012 saw Garudio Studiage involved in a major new public art project in Peckham. The Peckham Peace Wall is a permanent memorial to the hearty spirit of local residents who spontaneously contributed to a wall of Post-it note messages after the previous summer's riots.


Following the disorder of August 2011, The Peckham Peace Wall was started by four members of Peckham Shed theatre company on a board covering the broken window outside Poundland. This attracted the involvement of thousands of local people whose post-it note messages of love and respect for Peckham grew to eventually fill eight hoardings.


When the time came to replace the windows and remove the original Peckham Peace Wall board, members of the public were anxious not to lose this unique record of the public's thoughts and emotional response to what had happened within their town centre.


This permanent public artwork has been developed as a creative response to a public consultation, led by young people from The Challenge Society, which asked members of the public in Peckham what they would like to see happen to the original Peckham Peace Wall and for their thoughts about how best it should be preserved.


The Peckham Peace Wall is sited in the prominent square outside Peckham Library and Peckham Space Gallery who have also been involved with the project alongside the local authorities and community groups, with Garudio Studiage managing the concept, development and production of the project.


We would like to thank everyone involved in this project. Special thanks go to everyone at Peckham Space, Peckham Shed, Albemarle Graphics, Peckham Central Venture Park, the Peckham Youth Council and Southwark Council.


Also, we would like to thank all the young people and Garudio helpers who assisted with drawing and adding notes to the artwork, without whom this would not have been possible.


Alongside this project Garudio Studiage have created a limited edition print which is for sale with all proceeds going to Peckham Space's Art Clubs for young people. You can buy this, along with other prints here.


You can view the print at Peckham Space, as well as local businesses who have kindly agreed to display a print including Persepolis, Review, Cafe Viva & Frog on the Green.


We would also like to thank Annie Bacon and London Print Studio for their help in producing this print.



All photos © 2012 John Clare Photography