Peckham is a Place on Earth


‘Peckham is a Place on Earth’ was a one-off installation created for LYNfabrikken in Aarhus, Denmark.


Inspired by Victorian paper cuts, classic children’s stories and a hint of 80s pop music, the whole window becomes a magical Christmas landscape with a twist. Beyond the glittering mountains in the star-filled sky, the Garudio’s hometown of Peckham rises above the landscape on a giant cloud.


With the title referring to Belinda Carlisle’s classic 80’s pop song, Peckham is raised to a heavenly status, and becomes the ‘Star of the South-East’, a cheeky reference to the classic story of Christmas.


Entirely hand made, and with an appropriate amount of glitter, Garudio Studiage use their trademark ironic humour and love of all things kitsch to play with the area’s less-than desirable reputation.


The scene also features some familiar Peckham shops and buildings such as Khan’s Bargain Superstore alongside the feral pigeons, rats and foxes who have been the subject of many Garudio ‘Wildlife of London’ products and exhibitions.



LYNfabrikken BOX

Vestergade 49B

8000 Aarhus C