Human / Nature


A woman moves into an opera house in the desert. A storm gathers at sea. A baby sleeps. A page of words emerges from a printer. The woman dances to an empty auditorium. The earth's vibrations cause a rock to move. Someone orders a cocktail at a beach bar. A hermit crab scuttles out of its shell.


Every day the sun rises and sets, seen or unseen by human eyes.


'Human/Nature' explores how human moments exist in parallel with the geological and elemental forces continually at work in the earth and ocean. It is an exploration into human relationships with nature and nature's relationship with human life.


The exhibition investigates our reliance on and experience of the natural world, and its power to compel the human spirit. It considers our desire to conquer and enhance, the true beauty of the artificial and taming of the real.


We seek places where we are connected to elements of our free and primitive self but crave the comforts of civilised society. How can we reconcile that? Is the natural better than the artificial? Is it human nature to enhance nature? Is man made better than man?


Artists Hannah Havana and Anna Salmane employ different techniques and media in contemplating these questions.



Back Room,

Holdrons Arcade

135a Rye Lane



SE15 4ST


2nd April to 8th April 2016