London Heritage at Risk Register


The official ‘English Heritage at Risk Register’ includes buildings, places of worship, monuments, parks and gardens, conservation areas, battlefields and wreck sites that are listed, and have been assessed and found to be at risk.


Commissioned by George P. Johnson this exhibition of 3 new works highlights the sites and items on the official register for SE1, as well as creating a new ‘unofficial’ register of buildings and sights at risk of disappearing from SE1 and London more widely.


The three works that make up this exhibition are:


Two new screen prints which show ‘highlights’ from the official English Heritage at Risk Register for SE1, and an alternative ‘unofficial’ view of the area which surrounds George P. Johnson’s new offices.


‘The Museum of SE1 Heritage at Risk’ presents screen-printed wooden reproductions of objects, places and things which are at risk of been removed, falling into disrepair, or have become rarer sights than they used to be in the area.  These reproduction models are presented as a ‘museum’ to imagine a time when these photographic models may be all we have left of these sights.


Finally, an animated slideshow featuring 140 photographs from around South East London, showing sights which are uniquely London, but are becoming increasingly rare, as the area becomes less unique and more conventionally like other parts of London, and other large western capital cities.