Heels on Wheels


Originally made as a prop for a photoshoot, they have since been commissioned by Marawa the Amazing, an international hula hoop performer. Marawa has three pairs of Heels on Wheels and has used them in her shows all over the world. She wore them on Britain’s Got Talent, and even broke a Guinness World Record in them! See footage here!


To make the heels I work alongside Clare Grotefeld, a master special effects and prop maker for film and theatre. She builds and welds a steel structure for the shoes and skates to make them sturdy, safe and stage-ready!


Heels on wheels can be made with almost any shoe, so if you would like a pair we would love to hear from you!


See the heels in disco action here!


You can find out more about Marawa the Amazing here


All photos and videos courtesy of Marawa the Amazing/Jo Duck