Jägermeister Drinks Cabinets of Curiosity


A one day promotional event by Jägermeister. Garudio were asked to create designs for a room 'that is unconventional, engaging and curious…… and a theme that focuses on friendship'


We created an interactive drawing installation that celebrates the strange and wonderful diversity of friendships. Guests gathered to take part in playful drawing activities using the iconic form of the Jägermeister bottle as a central theme in a modern day cabinet of curiosities.


The cabinets were life sized, traditional engraving-style black and white outline drawings mounted on the walls of the room.


The iconic shape of the Jägermeister bottle replaced the traditional bell jars and bottles of the display cabinet. In a nod to the unusual and diverse specimens of a traditional Cabinet of Curiosities, the bottles contained strange and humorous symbols of friendship. For example… pairs of budgies drinking a toast (birds of a feather friendship toasts), celebrity dogs (man's best friend), traditional granny-knit jumpers (a hug in a jar), and a lighthearted set of Victorian style hybrid animals such as the Badgerigar and the Wolphin (when species become a bit too friendly with each other….!)


The Jägermeister Drinks Cabinets of Curiosities at the Vibe Bar brought an updated, brand-relevant twist to this fascinating historical phenomenon. Whilst keeping the traditional aesthetic, specimens were playful takes on current icons.