Disrupters (Pseudo melanistic tiger)

Disrupters (Spotty Zebra Foal)

Disrupters (King cheetah)

Disrupters (Qinling panda)


Disruptors is a series of 4 hand coloured screen prints depicting animals that have disrupted the normal genetic pattern, through genetic mutations, to end up with unusual markings. They are inspired by traditional natural history illustrations but portray 'odd ones out'.


Most of these mutations are thought to be a result of inbreeding. As populations shrink, and the genetic pool with them, there are less and less opportunities to try out something new and save themselves from disappearing forever. Hail these pioneers in their last chance saloon.


The prints  this series are:


The Pseudo melanistic tiger Pseudo-melanism, or abundism, is a variant of pigmentation, characterised by enlarged stripes in the tiger, making it appear darker.


The zebra foal with spots instead of stripes stands out in the crowd, but it is oblivious to its unusual look. Sadly, it is likely it will not live beyond its youth, the tried and tested stripy formula of its counterparts as yet creates the strongest herd.


The King Cheetah appears to be becoming a more common sight (even having its own name to distinguish it from its spottier usual relatives), a possible explanation being its unusual stripes help it hide better in darker areas.


The Quinling pandas are a subspecies of the Giant panda. They are found in the Quinling mountains and differ by its smaller skull, light and brown fur and eye spots being under the lower lid rather than around the eyes.


Hand coloured screen print


Black outline screen printed onto Hahnemuhle 300gsm etching paper, then handcoloured with watercolours so each print is unique.


Size: 49 x 39cm


All limited edition of 8


These prints are all available as part of our Garudio Editions collection here