Planar hosted two speculative, playful and interactive design models or ‘tools’, one digital and one physical that seek to engage an audience in a novel fashion design process.


The project stems from a set of earlier research drawings of aircraft fuselage and wing panelling. Isolated from the source aircraft, these sections suggest forms, silhouettes and details that can be applied as possible design shapes for garments.


By selecting a drawing from the menu, the user can manipulate the form over the screen figure in two ways.


Option 1 allows the user to rotate, scale and continually change line colour on a single selected drawing, creating various configurations and perspectives before settling on a ‘fashion composition’.


Option 2 allows the user to rotate, scale, position and overlay up to six different drawings (although not alter their colour) and thereby create elaborate layers of design information before settling on a desired ‘fashion composition’.



The Institute of Contemporary Arts,

The Mall,




13th - 20th Feb 2008