Cumbria / London


Chris grew up in Kendal, moving there from Barrow when he was one. He lived there until I was 19, then moved to Brighton, before settling in south east London for the last 13 years.


This documentary photographic project is about personal and collective links between a familiar and less familiar places. It is also about the contrast that can be created with the simple naming of streets or buildings, and how these can evoke a memory or unexpected feeling. This project is partly about finding familiar reminders from the past in less familiar places. It is also about the contrast between a love/hate relationship with Chris' original home, and his current home of south east London.


The origins of this project started 13 years ago, thinking about 2 streets which he passed every day on the bus - Westmoreland Road and Arnside Road. Both these streets are just off the Walworth Road, which is the epitome of stereo typical South East London - a run down mix of pawn brokers, betting shops and pound shops. The contrast between this environment and South Lakeland always struck him, and strangely made him feel more linked to the area that had become his new home. He was also intrigued about how these streets came to have these names, and this is still a mystery.


Chris is also very interested in how place names are used to create a feeling of affability that is very often a contrast to the architecture and planning that is the physical form of a place. The towering Windermere Point for example, which is an 18 story block on the Old Kent Road, has so few links to the Lake District, it's hard to think how it came to have this name? Also, for residents of the South Lakes, it is interesting to see these lesser-known sides of the capital, which have borrowed names from places familiar to them.



Warehouse Cafe

Brewery Arts Centre

122A Highgate





From 26th March to 21st May 2013