Unicorne Fell

Oil paint on canvas

Unicorne Shire

Oil paint on canvas

Unicorne Connemara

Oil paint on canvas

A Unicorn Compendium


In his book ‘Lore of The Unicorn’, Odell Shepard describes the Unicorn as being interesting ‘.. almost entirely as a denizen of “The Monarch Thought’s Dominion”’. i.e. as a creation of man’s imagination.


There are many animals caught up in the unicorn legend, which have been commingled over time to produce various descriptions of the mysterious beast. These include the rhinoceros, the ibex, goat, ox, narwhal, okapi, and even the orang-utan! The story of the unicorn has been entwined with those of real animals, most just as strange and fascinating themselves, and reveal just as much about us and our engagement with the natural word, as they do about the unicorn itself.




Westbourne Grove ArtsSpace, Westbourne Grove




From October 23rd to December 16th 2009